September 02, 2015

Nothing Is More Effective Than A Display Ad

A couple of years ago I blogged about an experiment...
"...(an astrophysicist from an online analytics firm, a measurement expert from the Advertising Research Foundation, and an ad-platform wizard from a buying and optimization company) decided to do an experiment. The experiment was designed to discover how much clicking of banner advertising was actual engagement with the ad, and how much was just noise -- people clicking for no reason.
The experiment found that a completely blank display ad -- an empty piece of space with no copy and no images -- outperformed the average Facebook ad.

Now we have something even better.

According to Adweek, a totally blank video -- 4 minutes of nothing -- produced by an agency and uploaded to YouTube generated over 100,000 views.

The average idiot viewer watched this nothing for over 2 minutes.

And almost 1% of the people who watched it clicked through to the agency's website. This is a click-through rate about 10 times that of the average display ad.

Nothing is more effective than a display ad. Literally.

August 31, 2015

Random Acts Of Punditry

Morons And Their Money
Anyone who takes data generated by online activity seriously needs to take a nice slow read through this article about Ashley Madison.

The author did a little analysis of the Ashley Madison data that was exposed by the hacker group "Impact Team." What she found was this -- of the 5.5 million reported female accounts on the moronic website, it is likely that only about 12,000 -- or about zero percent -- were real.

No wonder I couldn't get a date.

I Never Make Predictions, But...
I would be very surprised if three years from now every operating system for every digital device didn't come loaded with software to obstruct tracking and enable blocking of unwanted content. This will wreak havoc with online advertising and, in the long run, make it less pervasive, better, and more effective.

This Actress Is Very Funny

Awesome New Gimmick To Get You To My Website 
Starting today, we will be re-purposing old Ad Contrarian rants over at my business website. 

Every weekday we'll be going down into The Ad Contrarian cellar and coming up with semi-brilliant and almost-fascinating shit from the archives. 

Here's your link to even more Ad Contrarian goodness.

August 27, 2015

Is Our Long Digital Nightmare Coming To An End?

I can think of nothing that has done more harm to the internet than adtech.

It is a plague. It interferes with virtually everything we try to do on the web. It has cheapened and debased advertising. It has helped spawn criminal empires. It is in part responsible for unprecedented fraud and corruption. It has turned marketing executives into clueless baboons. And it is destroying the idea of privacy, one of the backbones of democracy.

And for what? 8 clicks in 10,000 impressions?

But maybe there is hope for those of us who hate adtech.

The era of creepy tracking, maddening pop-ups and auto-play, and horrible banners may be drawing to its rightful conclusion.

According to Doc Searls, one of the smartest guys who's ever made the impenetrable comprehensible, the tide is turning against adtech.

In a recent post on his blog, Doc says Apple's new iOS platform will enable developers to develop apps that allow...
"...much more control over unwanted content than is provided currently by ad and tracking blockers on Web browsers, and does it at the system level, rather than at the browser level."
Doc goes on to say,
"...content blocking is chemo for the cancer of adtech."
Let's hope Doc is right. There is plenty of room on the web for responsible advertising without the Frankenstein of adtech.

Be sure to read Doc's full piece here.